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Zaksy Back Saver — Back Stretching & Pain Relief

Back Stretcher & Massager — Back Pain Relief & Lumbar Support by Zaksy
  • Stretch out your back muscles, decompress the spine, and get natural back pain relief.

  • See the results and feel your back pain melting away after using this back stretcher for just 5 minutes twice a day.

  • Easy to set up and easy to use anywhere at any time.

"This is a lifesaver. I never knew I needed this and now I can't live without it!" – Rachel T.

This uniquely designed Back Stretcher & Massager helps to relieve back pain and tension, improve posture, and restore the natural spine curve by naturally creating space between each vertebrae, loosening up tight muscles, and stretching out your entire back.

Get Fast, Natural, and Effective Back Pain Solution

  • Perfect for spinal decompression, lower back pain, and sciatica pain relief.

  • Soft foam cushion for maximum comfort and spine protection.

  • 10 magnet therapy and 96 massage pressure points to relax your muscles and improve blood circulation.

Improve Your Posture

  • Restore the natural curvature of your spine to prevent chronic back problems.

  • Stretch and relax the lower and upper back muscles, decompress the discs in your vertebrae, and realign the spine.

  • Better posture will help to prevent other health issues, increase focus, and make you look better!

3 Levels of Deep Stretch

  • Three levels allow you to work up to a greater stretch and increase benefits over time.

  • By using the Zaksy Back Stretcher regularly, you'll improve flexibility, posture, and prevent injuries.

  • The first two levels make it easy to use the back stretcher as lumbar support throughout the day — at home, in the car, or at work.

The Best Fix For Back Pain

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Back Stretcher & Massager — Back Pain Relief & Lumbar Support by Zaksy


  • 1 Back Stretcher

  • Free 1 Year Warranty

  • Free 60-Day Returns

4.9/5 (based on 250+ reviews)




Back Pain Relief & Lumbar Support — Back Stretcher & Massager — 3x Bundle

JUST $29.99 EACH

  • Free Shipping

  • Free 1 Year Warranty

  • Free 60-Day Returns

4.9/5 (based on 250+ reviews)




Back Stretcher & Massager — Back Pain Relief & Lumbar Support — 2x Bundle


  • 2 Back Stretchers

  • Free 1 Year Warranty

  • Free 60-Day Returns

4.9/5 (based on 250+ reviews)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the shipping take?

Domestic US shipping takes 4-7 days. We also have a 2-day express shipping option available at checkout.

Q: What's the weight limit? I'm over 200 lb. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! Our Back Stretcher is made out of extremely durable ABS plastic that safely supports up to 350 lb.

Q: Does it work for tall people? I'm 6'1".

Of course! The unique design of this Back Stretcher makes it easy to use for everyone – no matter if you're 4 or over 6 feet tall.

Q: For how long should I use it?

To get the best results, we recommend to use the Back Stretcher for 5 minutes twice a day. You can also use it as a lumbar support the entire day.

Q: How does it work exactly?

The Zaksy Back Stretcher contains 96 thumb-tipped and 10 magnet therapy nodes that align with your spinal structure, giving you a relaxing back stretching massage.

Once the back muscles are relaxed, the back stretcher can begin its job of elongating the spine vertically, creating space between each vertebrae by naturally pulling them apart. 

The lengthening and stretching of the spine relieves compression on the sciatic nerve, offering relief from the shooting pain of sciatica. Creating space between the vertebrae also helps alleviate the pain of bulging discs and may help avoid total herniation of the disc.

The best way to prevent long-term back problems is to keep your back muscles fit and flexible. The Zaksy Back Stretcher is designed to stretch and strengthen your back muscles and boost blood circulation. It will help you feel your body better, be more aware of your muscles, making it easier to correct your posture.

Q: What is your return policy?

We have a 60-day no questions asked return policy. If you're not satisfied for any reason, simply email us at info@zaksy.com and we will take care of it.

Q: Is there a warranty? What happens if it breaks?

We're 100% sure in quality of our Back Stretcher. That's why we offer a free 1 year warranty! If our Back Stretcher breaks, we will replace it free of charge.

How to Use a Back Stretcher

1. Slowly lie back onto the stretcher with your knees bent. The wide end should be positioned close to your spine's base. Try to center your spine on the cushion foam for extra comfort.

2. For a basic stretch, relax as much as possible and breathe normally while resting your arms at your sides and knees slightly bent. We suggest starting with the lowest level first and see if that provides a sufficient stretch.

3. For a moderate stretch, raise your arms over your head and shoulders. Rest the arms as close to the floor as you can for an additional stretch.

4. For a maximum stretch, extend your legs and arms fully. Feel your back, shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles stretching and concentrate on relaxing as much as possible. Remain in this position while calmly breathing for a a few minutes at a time, and try to get a cumulative total of 5-10 minutes a day in this stretched position. Use whenever you feel tightness in your back region to optimize benefits of the back stretcher.

5. To get up from the back stretcher, slowly roll onto your side. Sit up gradually and rest for 30 seconds before standing.


Stretch away your back pain naturally and revitalize your day. Stretch out your tight knotted back muscles and get instant relief.


Incredibly easy to set up and use anywhere and anytime you need it! 


No need to pay for expensive therapies and treatments. Save yourself time and money by using this back saver for just 5 minutes twice a day!