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Zaksy Fabric Resistance Bands

Fabric Resistance Bands Bundle – Long Bands & Glute Bands
  • Six Fabric Resistance Bands: 3 Long Body Bands + 3 Booty Bands (Easy, Medium, Hard Resistance Levels)

  • Extra-durable woven cotton fabric that will never break

  • Two workout guides and carry bags included

  • FREE access to our workout video library

"I had been looking for resistance bands for a while and finally found the perfect set!" – Amanda S.

Better workout performance and lasting results?

Now, it's possible with Zaksy Fabric Resistance Bands.

Sculpt and tone your entire body from the comfort of your home!

With these easy-to-use & incredibly versatile bands, you can see the results in just 10 minutes a day!

Body Bands: One Perfect Size, Three Resistance Levels

  • One perfect size – 42.1" x 1.18" (107 cm x 3 cm).

  • Three resistance levels

    • Easy – Mint Green – up to 20 lb

    • Medium – Pink – up to 30 lb

    • Hard – Purple – up to 40 lb

  • No matter what your fitness level, age, shape, or height are. Zaksy Bands are low-impact and suitable for you.

Extra-Durable Yet Soft & Stretchy Fabric

  • Made of the highest quality woven cotton fabric.

  • Super soft even against the bare skin.

  • Will never break or dig into your skin.

Hundreds of Super-Charged Exercises

  • Perfect for full-body at-home workouts, stretching, pull-up assistance, functional training, physical therapy, WOD, and more.

  • Never miss a workout! Work out your upper body, arms, back, legs, core, and glutes from anywhere.

  • FREE access to our workout video library with dozens of exercise videos.

Workout Guides & Carry Bag Included

  • We've included not one, but two compact carry bags so you can take the bands anywhere you want.

  • Two workout guides with the top 20 exercises.

  • We will also send you access to our workout video library and iOS workout app.


Fabric Resistance Body Bands by Zaksy


  • 2-5 Day US Shipping

  • Workout Guide & Bag Included

  • 60-Day Free Returns


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


Fabric Resistance Bands Bundle – Long Bands & Glute Bands


  • Get a Full Band Set & Save

  • 2-5 Day US Shipping

  • 60-Day Free Returns


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


Zaksy Fabric Resistance Body Bands x2

ONLY $29.99 EACH


  • 2-5 Day US Shipping

  • 60-Day Free Returns


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the shipping take?

Domestic US shipping takes 3-5 days. We also offer a 2-day express shipping option available at checkout.

Q: Where are these bands manufactured?

We work closely with textile and fitness equipment manufacturers in Asia (India, China, and Vietnam), but your order will ship from one of our warehouses in the USA (Texas, California, and New Jersey).

Q: Do I need separate bands for my glute training?

If you're serious about your glute training, we would recommend investing in our booty bands and use them with our long body bands for a full-body workout. Our booty bands are designed specifically to target your glutes and legs. We currently are offering a great deal on a Body & Booty Band Bundle!

Q: Can I use these bands to do assisted pull-ups?

Absolutely! Our bands are perfect to develop the muscle memory and get you to do pull-ups in no time! And since they're made out of soft but extra-durable fabric you won't have to worry about them breaking and hurting you.

Q: How far do these bands stretch? I’m 6 ft tall, will these stretch over my head?

Definitely! We've extensively tested the sizing and these bands are perfect for every height and size. Whether you are 5ft or 6ft tall, size 0 or size 26 – our bands will fit you.

Q: Are these bands machine washable?

We don't recommend to wash them in a machine. The best way to wash these bands is by hand with warm soapy water, and then leave them to dry in the shade.

Q: What exercises can I do with these bands?

Our body bands are perfect for full-body at-home workouts, stretching, pull-up assistance, functional training, physical therapy, WOD, and more. 

You can do squats, bicep curls, glute bridges, russian twists, push-ups, lunges, tricep extensions, and thrusters, to name a few. 

Basically, you can supercharge almost any bodyweight exercise by using these bands.

After the purchase, you'll get access to our workout video library with dozens of exercises!

Q: Is there a warranty? What happens if the bands break?

We're 100% sure in quality of our fabric resistance bands. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty! If you'll do the impossible and break the bands, we will replace them free of charge.

Q: How does it work? Why is it better to work out with the resistance bands instead of using your body weight or free weights?

These long fabric resistance bands add extra resistance to your movements, which results in improved joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon, and ligament strength.

Added resistance helps to get an optimal number of reps – instead of increasing your reps, you add the resistance for better performance and lasting results.

Like dumbbells, kettlebells, or other free weights, resistance bands offer a simple yet effective way to get an all-around strength workout at home

Unlike the free weights, they help you get strong and lean without hurting your joints.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Tanya G (United States)

Zaksy Fabric Resistance Hip Booty Band Set

CH (United States)
Makes a difference in workout

So happy I bought these! I can really feel the difference when using these with pilates type workout—the resistance is more focused than with the latex bands. Excellent quality and the stay put.

Donita Wise (United States)
Hip Booty bands

Really a hard, body changing workout! Amazing strength and quality!

Delores Nelson (United States)
Zaksy resistance bands

Initially I thought I had ordered the long body bands. Didn't see a return option policy, therefore I will be placing another order. I will be more than happy to submit an additional review. Thank you.

Natasha Reece Phillips (United States)
Zaksy Fabric Resistance Booty Bands

These bands are great they do not roll and provide the resistance that you want.

Leticia Lara (United States)
Leticia Lara

Love them!! Make my workouts even more effective, and the fabric is awesome!

Anahi Gutierrez (United States)

The most perfect bands ever! Thank you!

christine a purdy (United States)

Love the fabric.. love that it stays

Melissa Walker (United States)
Strength training is BACK!

I've been a fitness instructor for 30 plus years. And I've always used resistance in my classes.
These new ZAKSY bands are great. They stay put with no sliding.
I've purchased several sets for my clients because they love them so much.
THANKS ZAKSY for improving on an old favorite

Ricky Wright (United States)
Best Bands Ever

these are simply the best bands I have ever had..love them! Very Comfortabel and shipping was fast..love the videos you can look up and do for exercises!

Premium Quality

The bands are made of extra-durable woven cotton fabric that is super comfortable and soft even against the bare skin, and will never break.


Added resistance helps to improve joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon, and ligament strength without hurting your joints.


More resistance = fewer reps = less time spent on workout.

No more wasting money on rubber bands that break.



We're a small family-owned company from Wyoming, that was started to create products for people just like us—hikers, runners, gym-goers, cyclists, yogis, weightlifters, swimmers—people who live an active lifestyle.

We aspire to be the brand that you can rely on in any situation your active life throws at you — from helping to recover from that ankle sprain you got hiking to giving you everything you need to get and stay in shape and enjoy your active life.

We love hearing from you, both good and bad – that's how we grow. So if you have any suggestions or questions, please drop us a line!

Brittany Ross
Team Zaksy