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Ankle Support Brace

Zaksy Breathable Neoprene Compression Ankle Brace

Nothing carries the weight of a long day like your ankles do, so they need to be supported and protected!

If you have ever experienced an ankle sprain, you know how painful and physically restricting it can be. And once your ankle gets injured, you’re 5x more likely to suffer more injuries in the future.

But now with this Ankle Support Brace, you can heal your current ankle injuries faster and prevent any future ankle injuries!

Size Ankle
Circumference (inches)
Shoe Size Suitable For
S 6.3-7.5"



M 7.5-8.5"



Most Women
L 8.5-9.5"



Most Men
XL 9.5-10.5" M12-15 Men w/ the large ankles or wide feet

Zaksy Ankle Support Brace

  • Ultra-Thin, Soft, and Comfortable – made with breathable elastic and moisture-wicking fabric and premium-quality neoprene;
  • Prevents injuries – supports and stabilizes your ankles;
  • Fully adjustable – you can wear it with any shoes;
  • Helps with recovery – wearing this ankle support reduces swelling, pain, and recovery time following minor sprains and strains;
  • Perfect for everyday use in regular activities (walking, jogging), or high-impact sports that have an effect on your joints over time, including Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Weightlifting, Golf, Tennis, Running, Weightlifting, Horse Riding, Hiking, Climbing, etc.

Prevent Nasty Ankle Injuries! 

Stay Fit, Active And Protected From The Ankle Sprains!

Zaksy Ankle Brace Instruction

Estimated Shipping Time:

USA: 4-9 days;

International: 10-15 days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Really like the way the ankle brace fits.

dont fit

Your company customer service seems very good.
Ordering was quite easy. Payment easy and secure.
But, they just don't fit. I was careful and watched the video a number of times and attempted to put them on but they just didn't fit. I am not sure if they were not made to size advertised or my pair were just an anomaly but don't fit me and i am a 10.5 shoe size. So would like a reimbursement and will be glad to return the brace to you however you direct. Thanks for trying. I really need an ankle brace support.

I tried the


This ankle brace is the best in the market. Great support and durability. Perfect for runners and active people. But it. Now!!

Five stars

When I received it, I doubted that it would give me the support that I want because it looks so thin and simple. But it actually feels very comfortable and super-tight after you try it on. Shipping was super fast too. You guys should put an instruction you have here inside the package though because it took me some time to figure it out how to put it on. Anyway, five stars.

The most comfortable ankle brace yet

I've tried a bunch of other braces, and they all were either too bulky and uncomfortable or didn't offer any compression nor support. THis one is a perfect balance – it doesn't restrict your foot's movement too much and gives me just the right amount of support for jogging. And it's actually comfortable!

Works great

This ankle brace provides great ankle support along with giving some arch cushion. It’s not bulky, which is a plus to use for runs or more strenuous activities. I use it to go on long runs (5-15 miles) and it holds up great. The Velcro is easy to use and it doesn’t squeeze your foot too tightly like some others. Works great for me.

Good brace for non-injured ankle support

I got this brace for a weaker asymptotic ankle for support while mountain biking. After three uses I am pleasantly surprised how it offers my ankle just enough tendon support. I’ve worn it both outside of the sock and against the skin where being flush against skin=offers the best results.
Pros: (1) streamlined in a shoe, regardless of laces or slip-on shoe -no chafing, blistering nor shoe discomfort. (2) cost-effective (3) achieves my intended purpose
CONS: none to report as of now.
I bought a medium for size 6 women’s shoe.

It okay

It works for me (i do weight training and some cardio). the only thing is that stitching inside the wrap rubs on your ankle. Maybe it's just my experience but it's better to wear it on a sock