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August 10, 2019 1 min read

As many as half of runners get injured every year.

Here are the ten steps you can take to stay strong and pain-free mile after mile. 

1. Replace Your Shoes Regularly.

Your running shoes lose up to half of their cushioning after 250 to 500 miles.

2. Build Up Slowly.

Abruptly changing distance, speed, or terrain can lead to injuries.

3. Add Some Speed.

Interval training offers great conditioning results in less time.

4. Seek Out Soft Surfaces.

Dirt, grass, running tracks, and treadmills are all more forgiving than sidewalks.

5. Marathon In Moderation.

Stick to no more than 2 or 3 marathons a year to allow your body to fully recover.

6. Mind Your Mileage.

40 miles per week is a smart upper limit for most runners.

7. Train Like A Triathlete.

Incorporating lower-impact cross-training gives your body a break.

8. Work Your Muscles.

Strength training helps muscles to absorb impact and protect joints.

9. Stick To Healthy Diet.

Too much calorie-cutting can lead to stress fractures, especially in women.

10. Schedule A Rest Day.

Time off allows your bones, joints, and other tissues to heal and rebuild. 


Photo by @alexanderredl

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